Our Instructors

Master Instructor Don Frack

Master Instructor Don Frack is the founder and President of Martial Art Innovations, has trained in the martial arts since 1982, and has operated this school since 1995.

Email Mr. Frack: frack@covinamma.com

Visit him at his Facebook Page

Note: only students, family, and personal friends requests accepted. If you would like to visit our school facebook page click the link below

Martial Art Innovations Facebook page

Instructor/Manager Gigi Frack

Instructor/Manager Gigi Frack, Mr. Frack’s wife, is the school’s assistant director and has trained with Mr. Frack for more than ten years. Her specialty is personal fitness ,flexibility and mobility training, and runs our Fitness Boot Camp.

She is also Owner/Instructor of Golden Monkey Yoga and is a certified yoga teacher RYT-200 in progress.

MAI Bootcamp on Facebook

Golden Monkey Yoga on Facebook

Email Miss Gigi: ggfrack@covinamma.com


Senior Instructor Joshua Pollard

Instructor Joshua Pollard, a fith degree black belt, has trained with Mr. Frack for more than twenty years. He teaches both children and adults. His specialty is in MMA (mixed martial arts) for self-defense, and XMA (extreme martial arts) which is a performance art. He has also been a full contact fight competitor.

Email Mr. Pollard: pollard@covinamma.com

Assistant Instructor Kiris Masson

Instructor Kris Mason,  a Black Belt earned through Mr. Frack, is also a certified Force Instructor for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, and a certified Krav Maga Law Enforcement instructor as well. His specialty is in both armed and unarmed self defense training. He has also been a full contact fight competitor.

Email Mr. Masson : masson@covinamma.com


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Assistant Instructor Randy Gulick

Instructor Randy Gulick,  is a 2nd Degree Black Belt earned through Mr. Frack. He regularly assists with training students in class and runs our Friday sparring program. He has extensive experience as a corner man in numerous amateur and professional kickboxing and mixed martial arts events. He also trains K9 obedience, protection, and scent training.

Email Mr. Gulick : coming soon



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